Server and Systems Management

Mac OS X Server

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Since the first 1.0 release in 1999, MacServe.net has been deploying and managing Mac OS X Server internally and for our customers all over the globe. Whether you are considering a move to Apple's best-in-class server platform or maintaining an existing installation of Mac OS X Server, MacServe.net is a partner you can count on for professional, reliable service.

From the business data center to health-care providers, small businesses or media/publishing houses, we have helped our customers configure and maintain their servers to deliver the full range of services and beyond.

Xserve and Server Hardware

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Is your server configured properly for high-availability, power management, error condition notification, redundancy, and disaster recovery?

Let the professionals procure, upgrade, and manage your system to make sure your investment in hardware and software is deployed properly. Don't forget to protect your mission-critical data. Ask us about offsite backup services/management.

Decades of Excellent Service

MacServe.net has been providing onsite service and support for Macintosh users in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex since 1987.
Our clients include Fortune 100 companies that need support for their Macs in a cross-platform enterprise to medium size businesses and indviduals.
We can provide your support from the smallest item (replacing a dead battery), to a full turn-key network system.
We are experts in managing Macs and PCs in a networked environment.
We can provide part-time to full-time service contracts for your diverse IT needs.
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Services we offer...

  • Needs evaluation
  • Purchasing advice/proxy
  • Network cabling installation and troubleshooting
  • Internet connection installation and troubleshooting
  • Desktop, portable and server installation, maintenance and repair
  • Backup system installation and maintenance including Offsite backup
  • Server Monitoring and Trend Graphing More Info
  • Digital workflow analysis and consulting