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Secure, Expert Xserve & MacMini Colocation

xserve colocation macmini colocation
Xserve Colocation starting at $100 per month. MacMini Colocation starting at $50 per month.
Includes Rack Space in our Ultra Secure facility and 10GB of the best short-path Bandwidth available.

World Class Facility and Bandwidth

rack of Xserves

The MacServe.net datacenter is located in the Equinix IBX within the InfoMart in Dallas, Texas. This is a facility that is second to none in terms of security, reliability, engineering and support.

With IP Transit provided by InterNAP, MacServe.net and our customers enjoy network connections that ensure the shortest path and lowest latency available to anywhere on the Internet.

Colocation of non-Macintosh systems is fully supported.

Dedicated Servers and fully managed hosting services are available at competitive rates.
Firewall and Load Balancing Services are also available
Please call (972) 774-1975 or email us to arrange a quote.

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Rack Charges

By Chassis Type Monthly
MacMini $40
Xserve G4 $75
Xserve G5 $100
Xserve (Intel)
(this is due to higher power usage)
Xraid $250
By Rack Unit Monthly with 110V feed
1 $75 (1-2 Amp) $120 (2-3 Amp)
2 $140 $180
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Rack Space Notes:

Our colocation cabinets provide a standard 19" width and up to 38" of depth.

All customers regardless of OS will receive a password protected web page for remotely cycling the power to their box(es). All customers will also receive a complimentary copy of Timbuktu to use for remote management. Apple Remote Desktop, Leopard Screen Sharing, Remote Desktop Connection for PCs and VNC are all supported as well.

Bandwidth Charges

Metered Rate Approx. GBytes
32 Kbits/sec 10 GByte $25
64 Kbits/sec 20 GByte $50
128 Kbits/sec 40 GByte $80
256 Kbits/sec 80 GByte $160
384 Kbits/sec 120 GByte $225
512 Kbits/sec 160 GByte $300
1024 Kbits/sec 320 GByte $600

You will see many other providers out there talking about how they provide you with 3000GB of transfer per month with your hosting package. The simple fact is that they are over-subscribing their services.

This is the same game the Cable and DSL providers play with their Internet connection speeds. At MacServe.net, we don't play games. Our customers understand the value of the best bandwidth available on the internet as provided by InterNAP and managed by MacServe.net.

We have some customers who put their critical web servers on our network and then serve out their bulk images from Amazon S3 using highly tuned URL control mechanisms and that works well for them. They save money on their bulk transit as our bandwidth is not the cheapest, but it is the best. When S3 has issues, they flip a switch and all their image URLs revert back to serving with us.

Bandwidth is metered using industry standard 95th Percentile measurements taken every 5 minutes on your switch port. If you have mulitple boxes, we can set up your bandwidth allotment to be shared amongst your servers.

Some anecdotal bandwidth numbers:

  1. One of our web hosting servers has about 60-70K hits a day and normally pushes about 1.25 GByte of data per day. Equal to about 38 GBytes of data per month.
  2. Our server that does nothing other than provide DNS Service for about 2,500 domains uses around 10-12 Kbits/sec on a pretty consistent basis 24/7. Equal to about 3-4 GBytes/ month.

Your server(s) can be connected to our switches using either a 10Mbit or 100Mbit link. If you are connected to a 100Mbit port, the good news is that your server can burst up to 100Mbits. The bad news is that your server can burst up to 100Mbits, and this could very easily cause your metered usage to go way past what you normally pay.

In most cases, you will want a 10Mbit port to limit your exposure to these bursts. We have some customers who have multiple servers that they connect into a simple 10/100 switch. That switch is then uplinked to a 10Mbit port on our switch. This gives them max throughput between their own boxes, but limits their bursting to the Internet to 10Mbits/sec.

Colocation Notes

You can send us your own fully configured box or check out dedicated server packages. If you have something custom in mind, we can procure and setup a server for your colocation service for a nominal fee. If you needs upgrades to existing hardware, we can procure additional RAM, hard drives or other items, test and install them, and we will add these to your bill that month.

All colocation plans come with up to 1 hour a month of hands-on hardware support. All additional support is charged at an hourly rate of $95 billed in 15 minute increments.

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