Services: Server Colocation Serivces

Secure, Expert Colocation Services

We offer a variety of services and solutions to enhance your colocated systems:

  • Mail Filtering
  • Firewall
  • Load Balancing
  • Advanced System Monitoring and Statistics
  • Off-System Storage

  • Mail Filtering

    Using our adaptive, multi-layered spam and virus filtering email system, we can protect mail for your organization from the myriad threats.


    Protecting your Internet facing systems from the continuous threat of virus/worm attacks and limiting access is a vital step in ensuring reliability and performance. At MacServe.net, we employ both Cisco and Juniper NetScreen/SSG based firewall appliances to protect our customers from never-relenting threats.

    Load Balancing

    Load Balancer

    When your web application grows beyond what a single server can provide, MacServe.net is uniquely positioned to help you with all of the pieces to make sure your system is Scalable. Our Load Balancing service is an integral part of that architecture. By employing the proven capabilities of the Cisco CSS line, we can help you adapt and grow your system into a full Content Networking architecture.

    Be aware that there may be parts of your web application that need to be refactored to function properly in a Load Balanced environment. We have extensive experience in working with our clients on making this important transition to support anticipated growth.

    Advanced System Monitoring and Statistics

    Transaction Queue Stats
    If you can't Measure it, you can't Manage it.

    When it comes to server systems and architectures, truer words were never spoken. With MacServe.net's monitoring systems, we can make sure you have the right information to make good decisions on when, where and how to apply resources to improve your system.

    We can also take your web server logs and daily drop them into web log statistics program. Seeing where your site visitors are coming from can help you tailor important ad campaigns and other promotional programs to increase traffic to your site.


    Off-System Storage

    Backups are essential to configuration management and disaster recovery. Use our high speed back-end network and massive storage servers to backup critical data for your colocated server.