About Us

Original MacServe.net Logo MacServe.net started out in 1998 literally in the back of a closet.

Our first hosting/development customer's website ran on a lime green Rev B. iMac with Mac OS 9.0 and AppleShare 6.

Since that time we have grown into one of the largest Mac-based ISPs and development companies around. We still have customers that have been with us for over 7 years because they love our ease of use and our personal touch when it comes to support.

eworld guy purple We have been using Macs since 1984 and the Internet since 1987. (yes, the Internet existed before 1992) During that time we have accumulated a wide array of experience that extends far beyond Mac OS-based systems.

We are not flashy and we are not a huge commodity hosting company. At MacServe.net, we like to do things the boring, plodding, methodical way instead of the flashy cool trendy way. This ensures everything is pretty reliable.

MacServe.net is more than just a great place to host your website. The majority of our time is spent working with clients consulting on or developing web projects, shrink-wrap software, network installations/upgrades, server systems and more. Contact us for your next project.

Since we use Mac OS X-based servers, you can rest assured that your web site is running on the most secure web-platform available.

We are zealots when it comes to backup. We were one of the few ISPs listed as Dantz partners for our expertise in deploying Retrospect. All our systems have some form of backup protecting them. See our Services page for information on backing up your valuable data to our systems for that all-important off-site backup.

Please see some of our client profiles for the variety of services we provide.

MacServe.net is strategic partners with sell.com classifieds, a place to buy and sell stuff online.