Services: Development

Founded by Mac Developers

MacServe.net was founded by two Mac developers: Brian Blood and Luis Vallecillo. With over 60 years of combined development experience on all sizes of projects, our team is ready to implement your technology solution.

Our main focus of development covers the following areas:

We are currently evaluating some iPhone development projects. Contact Us to confidentially discuss development services in this exciting new area.

Web Development Services

Our focus has always been on providing a holistic view of the project at hand. Architecture, databases, code testing, automated rollout, documentation; we can handle it all.

MacServe.net offers a variety of web development services encompassing Design, programming, installation and hosting services for your web site. Our team of experts can provide a full turnkey solution or help consult on any piece of your system, from database systems and interface design to network and load-balancing. Have an interesting project you'd like some help with? We're the PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS shop that can help.

Web App Customization

Need to deploy a WordPress blog with specific customizations? How about a Drupal based Content Management System? Or integrate a shopping cart into your current site? Contact Us to discuss your project.


We tier our billing rates from $100-150/hour based on project size.

Special rates and fixed bid estimates can be negotiated for larger projects. Please Contact us to discuss your project.

Project Discussion and Proposals

We understand that choosing a development partner is a big step. We are happy to work with you to make sure we’ve fully explored your project, answered your questions and can provide as accurate an estimation of the project scope as possible.

We are happy to spend a few hours of time with you (at no charge) in project exploration, discussion and creating a proposal. If we need additional time after those first 2-3 hours, we’ll engage in a discovery project (consulting) or directly into a development project and continue at a standard hourly rate.

An excellent blog posting describing what to expect when hiring a web developer.


We tier our hourly rate, offering a discount for larger projects. Small projects have a larger percentage of unbillable overhead associated with them, so we do not offer the same discount for smaller projects.

We will also engage in fixed-bid projects when the scope of work is well defined and everyone is in agreement that this is the best way to proceed with a particular project.

During Development

We provide weekly status updates via e-mail throughout the development of your project, and make the in-development project available to you at pre-determined milestones.

We request an initial 50% payment to begin development on your project, with monthly invoices and the final invoice due at the completion of the project.

Database Design and Implementation

MySQL FileMaker Pro

MacServe.net can provide design, development, installation and hosting services for your database systems. Our team of experts can provide a full turnkey solution or help consult on any piece of your system. Most of our development is currently focused on MySQL backed solutions. We have extensive experience with FileMaker Pro systems for individuals, workgroups and large corporations.

  • MySQL
  • FileMaker Pro
  • MS SQL Server

Scalable Applications

What does it mean to have a scalable web application?
A scalable web application is one that can handle two scenarios:

  • Flash traffic: Large jumps in levels of visitors/traffic due to news items/promotions, etc...
  • Steady growth: As your application becomes more and more popular, all that is required to handle the increased traffic is merely a function of dollars spent on the additional hardware resources.

This means that the code/architecture of your web application is already factored to handle both situations.