Server Monitoring

Our server monitoring systems continually check a wide array of possibly services:

  • Simple Ping
  • Simple Socket connections (test if HTTP responds)
  • Initial Response to open socket (does your SMTP server respond with a greeting)
  • Check for specific string or format of response or if value returned is out of range.
  • Full Transaction (does service respond correctly to specific requests)
  • Full Data Cycle check (Checks for an email that is sent through one server, to make sure it shows up in a mailbox on same or different server)

We also provide long term trend information with the complete network graphing solution: cacti.

  • Network Traffic counts
    Cacti Traffic Bits per sec

  • Disk space available/used
    Cacti Disk Space Usage

  • CPU usage/Load Averages
    Cacti Load Average

  • Queue Size (mail server queue counts)
    Cacti Mail Server Queue Size

  • Server Socket connections (number of SMTP/POP/HTTP connections)
    Cacti Mail Server Connections

  • Mail Server Transactions (number of attempted/blocked/accepted messages)
    Cacti Mail Server Transactions

  • Application level monitoring (number of transactions submitted/completed)
    App Server Transactions

If you would like to have MacServe.net monitor your systems or even set up/manage equivalent systems for your network, Contact Us for more info.