Web Tools - Counters

The quick way to get a counter on your page is to use the following code:
Image based counter:
<img src="http://tracker.macserve.net/counter.x?name=index&style=default&width=6">

Text based counter:
<iframe src="http://tracker.macserve.net/counter.x?name=index&output=text&class=text1big" width="100" height="35" FrameBorder="0" Scrolling="0"></iframe>

If you want to customize your counter a little more just use the following parameters:

Parameters Options
name= Name of the counter, usually tied to the page name.
(i.e. name=index for a counter on your main page.)
domain= Grouping of a counter. Will be able to see all hits for a particular set of named counters.
op= reset will reset the counter to zero
display will show the current value only and does not increment.
output= text will let you show the counter as text instead of an image.
You would use this in an iframe to have the text output.
width= The number of digits to output. (i.e. width=6 will show 6 digits)
style= Counter image style - see below examples for style types you can use.

counter default

Blue on Biege
counter blueonbiege

Add Style
counter addstyle

AED Counter
counter aedcounters

Blue LED
counter blueled