Web Site Design Resources

List of web page design resources:


  • W3C - The standards body for the WWW

  • W3C HTML Checker - W3C's web page HTML compliance validator. Help find mistakes in your HTML.

  • W3C CSS Checker - W3C's Cascading Style Sheets compliance validator. Help find mistakes in your CSS document.

Design Tutorials and Philosophy

  • WebbedEnvironments - Site produced by Jason Cranford Teague. Noted designer/author of excellent web design.

Site Publishing Tips

  • Trying to get one of those neat icons for your website to show up in your visitors browser?
    There is an excellent tutorial on creating favicon files here: http://www.favicon.com/

  • What is a robots.txt file? Read on
  • If you are using FrontPage here is a tech note to help you avoiding problems when using FP Extensions in your HTML code.