Connecting to Web Space from Mac OS X

(This process assumes you have a connection to the Internet. May not work from behind most corporate firewalls)

Step 1. Select "Connect to Server" from the "Go" menu in the Finder

Connect from Go Menu

Step 2. Enter server name and click on Connect.

Enter Server Name

Step 4. Enter your user id and password.

(Why is my server called "Einstein"?)

Enter your user id and password

Step 5. Select the share point for your site that you were given in your access info ("Intrepid", "Defiant", etc) and then click OK.

(Why is my sharepoint called "Lexington"?)

Sharepoint Selection

Step 6. You're done! The share point shows up as another volume on your desktop as if you had inserted a floppy or Zip disk. To unmount, click once and type Command-E.

AppleShare Volume Icon