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Microsoft Outlook 1998 - Account Setup

If you're having difficulty setting up your email account with Outlook '98, follow these instructions:

Select Tools...Accounts

Screen Shot 1

This will open the following window:

Screen Shot 2

Select your current account and click on the Properties button. The Properties dialog is shown below:

Screen Shot 3

Fill in the following information:

Name Put your real name here
Email Address Your email address is username@yourdomain.com

Make sure that the Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing option is checked. Now click on the Servers tab to bring up the following dialog:

Screen Shot 4

Fill in the following information:

Outgoing mail (SMTP) Your SMTP server is yourisp.com. (Get this information from your ISP.)
Incoming Mail (POP3) Your POP3 server is mail.yourdomain.com
Account name Your POP3 Account ID is username%yourdomain.com
Password Your password is personally given to you

Click on OK to save these settings. You can now send and receive mail with your MacServe.net email account.