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Eudora v5 & 6 (Mac) - Account Setup

Eudora v5 & 6 (Mac) - Account Setup

If you're having difficulty setting up your email account with Eudora versions 5-6.x, follow these instructions.

*Screenshots are for Eudora 5 but 6 can be setup using the same directions.*

From the Special menu select Settings...

Screen Shot 1

This will bring up the following window:

Screen Shot 2a

Fill in the following information:

Username Your POP3 Account ID is username@yourdomain.com
Mail Server Your Mail Server is mail.yourdomain.com
Real name Put your full name here (e.g. Joe Smith)
SMTP Server Your SMTP Server is mail.yourdomain.com:587
(The :587 is the port for our SMTP servers and is needed for SMTP to work.)
Return Address Your email address is username@yourdomain.com

Now click the Checking Mail icon on the left side. You will see the following:

Screen Shot 2b

Username and Mail Server should be filled in from the last screen. Make sure POP is selected for Mail Protocol and APOP is selected for Authentication.

Click the Sending Mail icon on the left side and make sure Allow Authentication is checked.

Click OK to save these settings. You can now send and receive email with your MacServe.net account.