QuickTime Streaming Services

QuickTime Streaming Server

Standards-Based Media Streaming

Apple's QuickTime Streaming Server is a standards-based RTSP streaming media server that combines industrial strength support with engaging ease of use.

QTSS has no per-stream or per-user royalty charges, making it the most cost-effective controlled media delivery system availble. QuickTime playback software is included with every Mac and is available as a free download for Windows systems.

LIVE DATA TRANSFER: When a live stream is accessed (viewed/listened to) by one of your end-users, every MB is transferred from our servers, across our network, and rendered in your end-user’s media player. This is called data transfer. A live stream is not saved on the end-user’s computer.

MacServe.net has provided robust high speed QuickTime Streaming Services (QTSS) for third-parties large and small, since version 1.0 back in 2001. Our longevity and stability in providing this service is one of the reason that Apple lists us on their site as a Streaming Service provider.
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The most effective use for streaming today is for broadcasting live events using your Mac, the free QuickTime Broadcaster application and a digital video camera. See our Support section for more info. Have content that you have produced and need deployed to a Streaming Server system? Check out our Media Processing service.

iTunes Streaming

Streaming Audio for iTunes can also take advantage of QuickTime Streaming Server to provide an on-demand, no-skip, Internet radio station.

See some of our Example Streams to experience the reliable delivery that QuickTime Streaming Server can provide for your event or embedded content for your website.

Pricing for QTSS is done on the basis of the amount of data transferred in a single month. The unit of measure is Gigabytes (1024x1024x1024 bytes).

Disk Space:   200 MB400 MB600 MB1,000 MB5,000 MB10,000 MB 
Monthly Transfer:   up to 10 GB20 GB50 GB100 GB2505001000 or more
Access Accounts:   1115510 Please contact us for a quote.
Monthly:   $20$40$100$180$450$750
Setup:   $20$20$20nonenonenone

Building streamed movies is getting easier, but still takes some time and thought put in to do it right. Some of the things you must consider when planning access to stored movies for streaming is the size of your audience (especially concurrent connection load) and the data rate of the stream they will be accessing.

Computing the bandwidth of a streaming server is proportionate to the number of clients x the bitrate of the movies they are watching.
50 clients x 1.5Mbit (LAN/Intranet) = 60-75 Mbit/sec
250 clients x 300kbit (DSL/cable modem) = 60-75 Mbit/sec
1000 clients x 42kbit (Modem - 56kbps) = 40-45 Mbit/sec
1000 clients x 28.8kbit (Modem - 33.6kbps) = 24-30 Mbit/sec

Obviously, in real life you will probably have a number of movies at various bitrates, all being viewed simultaneously from many users... so you can't just multiply your number of users by some number. With all of that said, these numbers should give you a some general numbers to estimate your usage.