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Client Profiles: Zig Ziglar

Ziglar Training Systems

Ziglar (previously Ziglar Training Systems) is a performance enhancement / training company focused on people's personal, family and professional success. We first started working with Ziglar in 1999 by creating a web presence via the design of a new website with e-commerce capabilities, as well as a content management system for the creation and delivery of their monthly Zig Ziglar Newsletter.

Through the years the website went through several revisions in order to accommodate the company's ever-growing list of products, and the addition of training products, seminars and customer surveys.

We worked very closely with the Ziglar corporation in order to help increase the newsletter subscription numbers. Different methods were tested to increase the visibility and effectiveness of the online signup when visitors landed on the Ziglar website. At the same time current subscribers of the newsletter were allowed to easily share their newsletters with friends/family, who in turn would also forward to other friends/family.

The newsletter itself was also transformed in order to serve as a way to market new products and promote sales and events, while still maintaining the useful and informative content it was known for. HTML formatting was added to the newsletter using a design that not only visually tied it to the website, but also made it much more readable with its newly added content.

Although the Ziglar website is now run and maintained by their internal website development team, many of the ideas initially developed are still being used on their weekly newsletter.