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Client Profiles: myAutoloan.com

myAutoloan.com We have been working with the myAutoloan.com group since May 2005.

myAutoloan.com launched their auto lending platform portal in January of 2004 to provide consumers with up to 4 loan approvals within minutes, using an encrypted and secure application process.

Since that time we have managed their ever growing stable of servers and provided consulting on application development, database performance and management along with security consulting and performance analysis.

“We have been very pleased with the responsiveness, dedication and commitment to quality that MacServe.net has provided our company,” said Dale L. Peterson, President of myAutoloan.com, “and we plan to continue to grow and utilize their expertise as we grow the business.”

myAutoloan.com continues to update and redesign their website to increase conversion rates and improve usability ultimately resulting in greater customer and lender satisfaction. In addition, they launched "Powered By" which is a private label Auto Loan Finance center designed for partners wanting to offer their customers the opportunity to finance their next vehicle online and at their site. This resulted in a 20% increase in application volume for the company.

Through December 2007, myAutoloan.com has facilitated over $252 million in direct to consumer loans.

myAutoloan.com also provides Motorcycle loans to those looking for some fun or even to save money on fuel costs.