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Client Profiles: iMaxWebSolutions.com - Powerful Tools for Real Estate Professionals

iMaxWebSolutions.com is a Complete Online Business Solution for Real Estate Agents

Our first contact with iMax came in Summer 2000. Terry Sullivan was looking for a developer who knew the Tango Web Application development and FileMaker database system. Responding to a message on the Tango mailing list, we engaged each other and have been working together in an excellent relationship ever since.

We spent the first few months planning out a feature set and stratgey for bringing his vision of a comprehensive online tool he could sell as a subscription to ReMax agents throughout the New England area.

Around that time, Apple was starting to deploy their first versions of the Mac OS X Server and the powerful PHP/MySQL stack of web application development technologies was now available on Mac equipment. Being an all-Apple shop, Terry was excited about the power and flexibility we were demonstrating on that platform. The choice was made to utilize these tools to build the iMax system.

Since that time, the iMax system has grown to a peak of over 500 subscribers and the integration of over 6 different MLS data feeds, and we've been right there with them providing the following services:

  • System Architecture
  • Web Application Design & Development
  • Server Management and Security
  • Load Balancing
  • Colocation
  • FileMaker Database design
  • REALBasic application development

Our future with the iMax team continues forward with expansion plans to bring the unique set of tools for Real Estate agents to other areas of the country.