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Client Profiles: American Health Data Services

American Health Data Services (AHDS) is a leading provider of software and services for the Health Care Industry.

AHDS's flagship offering is a secure online portal for health care providers and other authorized health care information organizations. The Connect4Me system provides Insurance Eligibility Verification services in both single request and batch processing modes.

In early 2003, when the HIPAA mandated system for obtaining Medicare Eligibility Verification first came online, AHDS had MacServe develop a desktop client written in REALbasic for the AHDS customer base in early 2003. This system used Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions to perform queries to regional Medicare service organization over a secure dial-up connection. Health care providers used the software to obtain valuable Medicare coverage information to help them save thousands of dollars every year.

In 2004, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) shut down this system to address scalability and information synchronization issues.

AHDS and MacServe took that time to redevelop the Connect4Me system into a online web portal.

In Spring 2005, CMS announced their newly reconstructed Eligibility Verification system using a unified database system. MacServe was able to quickly adapt the new backend transaction processing engine of the portal to these communication and data security requirements and launch the service in October 2005.

In Spring 2006, the largest diabetic testing supplies vendor in the US began using AHDS services thereby saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. We were able to help AHDS with the code base, database systems and server/firewall systems to ensure continued performance and growth.

AHDS colocates their servers in our highly secure datacenter to maintain the highest level of data protection.